Financial Advisory

We provide an array of financial advisory services to companies and public sector clients.

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

At TMC, we strategically guide our clients through complex mergers and acquisitions transactions. As a result of the wide experiences of our team, we are able to provide advisory to either the buy-side or sell-side from the initial stages onto the closure of the transaction.

PPP Advisory & Modeling

Governments have often realized that strategic cooperation with the private sector’s operational expertise and private funds are innovative ways to accelerate delivery of infrastructure and services. At TMC, we deploy the expertise of our professionals and partners to advise stakeholders as they navigate through the complex transactions and long-term nature of the partnerships.

Restructuring Advisory

Our deep understanding of the economic and business cycles adequately positions us to offer independent financial advisory to organizations so they can take advantage of the economic outlook and align their financial structure with their corporate aspirations.

Privatization Advisory

We understand that many African countries are reducing their governments’ involvements in ownership and operations of economic assets. TMC is able to leverage the skills of our professionals and our partners to provide advisory on the best options either to the government agencies on the sell-side or potential buyers on the buy-side.

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