Combining in-depth knowledge, expertise and network

We combine our in-depth understanding of market trends, regional expertise, and proven business networks to minimize market risks, maximize returns, and ensure the success of every transaction and client engagements. Our vision is to be recognized amongst the top 10 investment banking firms providing access to capital and financial solutions in Africa

What we do at Thomas Macaulay Capital

TMC offers a wide range services that cuts a large spectrum of businesses.

Financial Advisory

We provide an array of financial advisory services to companies and public sector clients.

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Capital Raising Advisory

We provide transaction and advisory services to corporate organizations and public sector agencies who need to to raise capital.

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Policy Advisory

We provide policy advisory and strategy consulting services to government institutions on how best to re-invent their sectors.

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At TMC research, our overall objectives are to publish research outputs that provide in-depth analysis.

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Your Chosen Partner in Africa

For investors across the globe, Africa presents the final frontier of under explored opportunities in the midst of a saturated global market. A complex landscape, Africa’s emerging economies demands balance between exponential returns and great risk.

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