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Thomas Macaulay offers experience and comprehensive assistance for a wide array of business needs which help you work smarter and attain your goals. Have a look at our professional services offerings and let’s talk.

Investment Advisory

Thomas Macaulay occupies a front row seat in Africa as one of the leading trusted advisors and financiers to our clients, which include corporations, financial institutions, financial sponsors, governments, regulatory agencies, boards of directors and special committees. The Investment Advisory Division is at the front end of our service offerings. Our investment advisory team offers topnotch Mergers and Acquisitions advisory and Privatization advisory.

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Corporate Restructuring

Our Corporate Restructuring experts comprise of recognized global leaders with deep understanding of various emerging markets in providing corporate financial restructuring and turnaround solutions to both strong and under-performing enterprises.
The operational model of our team is along the lines of Management Buy Out (MBO), Turnaround financial management, Bankruptcy and Liquidation solutions.

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Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Financing team advises corporate, financial and private investors on a range of capital optimization strategies and executes a variety of transactions, including Equity Market Advisory, Debt Market advisory, Debt Syndication and Structured Finance.

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At Thomas Macaulay, our overall objectives are to publish research outputs that provide in-depth analyses of the local economy focusing on selected sectors to identify growth and value-creation opportunities that can assist our clients and stakeholders take the lead in their markets or sectors. We apply both top-down and bottom-up approaches to analyze and synthesize data and information from markets, industries, companies and securities.

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